the most powerful
companion software

Now available for Windows and MAC OS
Windows 10 (version 1607 or above) or Intel® Mac
with Mac OS X 10.7 or later(For Macs), Multicore processor,
4 GB RAM 1280x800 (1024x768 for Windows) display,
Required disk space for installation is 360 MB
We recommend an SSD Drive for best performance

ACPAD Replay
ACPAD Replay

Unlock the true
potential of your
ACPAD controller

Over 200+ custom design
studio quality sounds from ACPAD

Drag and Drop your own
sounds to create your own set

Save your presets and share
them with the ACPAD community

Create incredible music with the 2 Live Loopers
channels and sound
bigger than ever

ACPAD Replay
ACPAD Replay

Apply effects that
can be controlled with
ACPAD’s built in sliders

Tweak and sculpt your sounds
till you are satisfied with incredible
editing features for each sound. Save
your presets and recall them easily!

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